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This website is about otome games. I will publish walkthrough of all games, little by little. When you find a mistake, just write me in the comment below and I’ll try to fix it.

If you would like some walkthrough on priority, just write me what you want in the comment below 😉

About me…

My pseudo name is Ariska… And wha now? If I tell ya, that I love anime/manga and otome games, won’t believe me, do ya? So I tell ya I love my beloved cats!! Aaand I don’t speak english, I’m not from english speaking country… so… don’t read this xD But something I must write on my site... so… um…


About my site

I create this site because I want to do a complete walkthrough of my beloved games because I was tired of searching the whole Google. Moreover, it tend to be wrong or incomplete, or it is a site that is overloaded. I hope that you will like it and that I will fill your all wish. 🙂


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