The Seal of Lycoris [Yuie]

Choose who you want to have a happy ending with! You have a choice between a childhood friend, a vampire and a kitsune! Try your luck in The Seal of Lycoris and chose Yuie.

This game is not compatible with new android, if you have updated version or easy manual how to play it on new android, post it in comments, thanks. Here you can download it.

Warrnings: This walkthrought is weird, because it is from many people (from videos), where people had the good ending, but in my case I had the bad ending. So this walkthrough didn’t work for me, and I don’t know why…


 Illustration (spoiler)!!!



Illustration (spoiler)!!!

[1] Is that the only reason?

[2] It seems too serious to use the word ‘providence’ to describe the situation…

[3] I wonder what’s going to happen once he fulfills his “province.” (+)


[1] Of course I can’t trust him!

[2] I-I guess it’s okay if it’s only for a little while… (+)

[3] Somehow… I feel so… sorry for him…



[1] Something that can ward off any evil beings that approach me?

[2] Something that can purify all demonic powers? (+)

[3] Something that can protect me from all harms and ill intentions?


[1] He wants to manipulate me? (+)

[2] He wants to attack me?

[3] He wants to make a fool out of me?



[1] I guess I won’t be able to see the tails too?

[2] I wonder how many days it will take until I can’t see them anymore?

[3] It feels kinda sad to know that I won’t be able to see them anymore. (+)


[1] Some day, you will regret doing this.

[2] There is no point in protecting me if others are hurt in the process. (+)

[3] This will only make you miserable, Yuie.

Illustration (spoiler)!!!



[1] He is probably trying to change the subject. (+)

[2] He is probably trying to make me feel better.

[3] He is probably afraid of me.


[1] I wrapped my hand around his head.

[2] I wrapped my hand around his body. (+)

[3] I held his hands with mine.



[1] I think Yuie should find his happiness.

[2] I think Yuie should forget about his past.

[3] I think Yuie should be free. (+)


Illustration (spoiler)!!!

[1] I am not Yuzuriha.

[2] ~I am [Name] (+)

[3] Don’t use those words around me.



[1] I want to be able to do things on my own!

[2] Yuie is not my servant! (+)

[3] I won’t call his name until he calls my name properly!


[1] The fact that Yuzuriha and I love Yuie.

[2] The fact that I love Yuie. (+)

[3] The fact that no one harbors any hatred towards Yuie for what he has done.


Good End

Illustration (spoiler)!!!

Normal End

Bad End

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