The Seal of Lycoris [Cain]

Choose who you want to have a happy ending with! You have a choice between a childhood friend, a vampire and a kitsune! Try your luck in The Seal of Lycoris and chose Cain.

This game is not compatible with new android, if you have updated version or easy manual how to play it on new android, post it in comments, thanks. Here you can download it.

Warrnings: This walkthrought is weird, because it is from many people (from videos), where people had the good ending, but in my case I had the bad ending. So this walkthrough didn’t work for me, and I don’t know why…


 Illustration (spoiler)!!!



Illustration (spoiler)!!!

[1] This is the person who wanted to kill me and Tomoyuki!

[2] Moreover, he’s the one who kidnapped me!

[3] …but now that I think of it, why did he save me back there? (+)


[1] Is it because he has pity on me?

[2] Is it because he ran out of strength to kill me?

[3] Is it because he want manipulate me for something else? (+)



[1] I’ll raise my voice and pursue him with my question. (+)

[2] I’ll ask him again peacefully.

[3] I’ll shed tears and see what he’ll do.


[1] A nice person?

[2] A gentleman?

[3] A clumsy person? (+)



[1] It feels as though he is taking care of me.

[2] It feels as though he is feeding me. (+)

[3] It feels as though I am being insulted by him.


[1] I don’t know… I really don’t know what to think. (+)

[2] Yes, that’s what I believe in.

[3] Maybe I believe in that… maybe…

Illustration (spoiler)!!!



[1] It’s regretful for me to die? (+)

[2] He can let me stay alive?

[3] He can’t kill me?


[1] Call his name.

[2] Hug him from behind. (+)

[3] Pull the corner of his clothes lightly.



[1] Maybe i will become lonely.

[2] Maybe i will hate humans eventually.

[3] Maybe I will feel sorry for myself. (+)


Illustration (spoiler)!!!

[1] I am here.

[2] I want you. (+)

[3] I am yours.



[1] My powers must be hindrance to his goals, that’s why he wants to kill me.

[2] He wants to make my powers his own?

[3] He wants to change something with my powers? (+)


[1] It’s okay. If that’s what he wants then he can kill me. (+)

[2] I will entrust everything to Cain. I believe him.

[3] I want to live with Cain, forever and ever.


Good End

Illustration (spoiler)!!!

Normal End

Bad End

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